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We drive pink fire trucks and pink police cars across America bringing the "Cares Enough to Wear Pink" and Pink Heals Movement to a city near you!  We simply provide a program for your community leaders to adopt, helping them fundraise for people rather than causes.  We focus our labor of love on women of this country and wage war on anything that may harm her starting with cancer!

We support Women and their families . . . .  not causes!

Pink is "HER" color, not a disease.  We support all women; whether fighting cancer, surviving cancer, wife or mother of a family member with cancer, sibling, or a friend that has cancer.  Cancer can affect everyone.  We will serve our community by visiting those fighting any kind of cancer, attending local fundraising events and sponsoring our own events to raise money for survivors in our community.  We survive solely on donations and the sale of our merchandise. 

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Winnebago County, IL Chapter


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