In 2012 my dog, Molly, was a therapy dog at OSF St. Anthony’s Hospital.  We attended an event at the OSF Cancer Center where the Pink Heals Tour stopped.  I was diagnosed in 2008 with a rare cancer attached to my thyroid and underwent two surgeries and treatments of chemo and radiation.  Being a survivor, I was more than moved by learning about the Pink Heals movement.  I signed the pink fire truck, Karen, and got a hug from every one of those volunteers dressed in pink.  As I was learning more about what they do, I found out they did home visits.  This made me think of my friend, Sherry.  She had been fighting cancer since I was diagnosed and is still fighting.  Dave and his crew graciously accepted my request to visit Sherry that day after the event on one condition – that Molly and I ride the pink bus and go to the other home visits before Sherry’s.  So in the rain off we went.  What was suppose to be an hour of volunteer time with the therapy program turned into an emotionally full day.  What a touching experience!  We met very nice people and hugged each and every one of them spreading Love. At the end, we totally surprised Sherry with full sirens and lights going as we pulled up in front of her home. Every man and woman on tour stood in line to hug her and tell her they loved her presenting her with a bouquet of flowers.

The Pink Heals Tour came to Swedish American Hospital this July and Sherry and I went to greet them.  They remembered us and we were touched once again by their love and concern for women. With the feeling that I want to do more to give back, I decided to form a local chapter and have our own pink fire truck.  With that being said, when we get our pink fire truck it will be named SHERRY! I believe God works in mysterious ways and I was meant to be at that simple event that rainy day.

Marcy Johnson

THANK YOU so much “Pink Heals “. Thanks isn’t enough for all you did! Several firemen and women took time out of their day to encourage me in my walk with cancer…you’ll never know what it meant to me!!!!! Tears of thanks turned to smiles of thanks…thanks isn’t enough! How can I just say thanks for the generous gift cards to Woodman’s?!? There are no words! I’ll never forget the pink firetruck and squad car and the firemen in pink…what a blessing it was for me! All I can say is GOD BLESS YOU ALL and all the people who donate their time and money to this cause and especially the firemen and women who came to my home . THANK YOU!”

Marlene Cammelot

Sherry Gundrum


Winnebago County, IL Chapter
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